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Bespoke Rugs & Carpets

Lakes Interiors work with a wide network of designers whose extraordinary skills and artisan-ship can be drawn upon to create unique and inspiring rugs and carpets crafted with ingenuity and dedication, especially for you.

Our rug and carpet service gives you your very own personal, unique, work of art to cherish forever, our designers can apply their skills to realize almost any project.

Our bespoke rug service starts with a conversation about your needs; an exploration of the design, material and colours that you require, and ways in which the project can be brought to life through a shared process of discovery and interaction.

We provide a personal hands on service throughout the creative process. Offering you all the advice and support you need.

Please contact us via the bespoke quote form with your requirement's and we will contact you with more information.

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Lakes Interiors Bespoke Rugs