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Merino and cashmere blend fabric. Suitable for curtain making and upholstery.

Northern Lights - Red Glow - This is a strong, dynamic collection of fabrics with a palette of striking, yet usable colours inspired by the diffused glow of scarlet and crimson against the night sky. Rich shades of deep red are layered on neutral grounds of warm off-white to balance the depth of colour. Small telescopic designs in blends of linen and wool and neat jacquards in pale orange buff, are combined with semi plain fabrics to add intrigue.

Suitability - Light Domestic

Suitable for curtains.
Fabric Details:

Width: 140cm.

FR & Teflon treated.

95% Wool 5% Cashmere.

Lifestyle 1: Sofa upholstered in Kirkwall Echo. Curtains in Scapa Spice. Cushions in (left to right): Hoy Rust, Tingwall Mustard and Hoxa Ginger.

Hoy Rust Merino Blend Fabric

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