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STONED is an innovative LED table light that takes a trip back in time to explore the future of lighting, marking a new chapter for Buster + Punch. Inspired by the warmth of a simplistic Victorian-era candle light, STONED comprises innovative Buster + Punch LED technology with a signature resin light pipe set in a hand-blown glass shell, to create a warm, yet crisp, quality of light reminiscent of ambient candle light.

STONED gives us a glimpse into the future of what low-energy lighting might look like and how well it can perform – using just 1/50th of the energy of a conventional light bulb, this soft light is built to last for more than 27 years (based on 3hrs/day). The table light is finished with knurled matt black detailing and hovers suspended from a single piece of solid stone. STONED light is available in polished white marble or honed black granite.

Stoned Table Light

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